What’s this all about?

VOTD (pronounced VOTED) was conceived as a new way to recognise the talent in moving image content creation, through the launch of the “VIDEO OF THE DAY” award, as voted for by our panel of judges and the wider community. So how does it work?


You make an awesome Video

This can be anything less than 5 min. Everything goes, except for adult content and screaming goats.

Getting geeky

Submit it to VOTD.TV

Start by getting permission from the content owner then breeze through our submission process here. Your video will be checked by our team of retired marines to make sure it matches minimum criteria, at which point it will become a nominee. Sir yes sir! Check the lineup here.

10 outa 10

Judges vote on your video

It’s getting hot in here! Your work will be simultaneously submitted to our judging panel and the VOTD community for their scores. The judges vote counts for 75% and the great general public’s makes up the remaining 25%. Videos will be judged on 4 criteria: Innovation, Idea, Execution and Design.


The winner is announced

Once your video has been in the nominees for 7 days it’s final score will be collated and pitted against the videos from 30 days previous. If it’s the highest scored video it’ll be automatically scheduled to become Video Of The Day! That’s your cue to drop what you’re doing, announce it to the office, share it on your networks, pop something fizzy and start hi-fiving complete strangers. This is your team’s time to shine.

Submit your video now