Word is Cheap x VOTD | Hannah-Clare Gordon


This week's WIC x VOTD Judge's Favourite Video is a bit different as we're happy to announce Hannah-Clare Gordon has made the move to one of our favourite production company's, Agile, working as an animation rep!

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Word Is Cheap x VOTD | Kiran Mandla


The title "co-founder" can be flippantly banded around these days with new companies popping up all over the place in this age of austerity. And why not, if you're dream job isn't out there why not do it yourself, which is exactly what Kiran did officially launching COMPULSORY in 2013 with long time friend Chris Toumazou.

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Word Is Cheap x VOTD | Brain Wash


Liam Achaibou and Ryan Vernava are the co-founders of film and arts collective Brain Wash. Launching in 2009 and several years after its inception, Brain Wash has surfaced as a reliable platform for showcasing innovative and emerging creative talent who more mainstream outlets would deviate from due to the more subversive nature of the content.

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