Oliver Wolf



What prompted your journey from Ad Creative to Director?

It was the move that I had always wanted to make but there never seemed to be the right time to take the leap. But after Caviar produced my short film last year I knew it was something I had to do sooner, rather than later.

My art director and I split last year, so I was working alone at Wieden+Kennedy which gave me a renewed confidence in my own ability. So after 10 years working full time in advertising it felt like the right time to make the jump.


Having made the move to Caviar, what are you most excited about?

Promos. I think the freedom to play with narrative on a longer format than the usual 30 or 60 seconds is really exciting. It’s a space in which I can learn and experiment in.


Where do you look for inspiration?

Well… along with all the classic forms of visual stimulation art/magazines/films; I always find myself inspired by space. The British Museum is one of my favourite places to sit in and think.

There is something about that huge space that feels liberating. Plus: It's great people watching and they do a good flat white.


Congrats on your first promo with Caviar London. What’s the story behind 'Reconfiguration'?

Thanks. The story is a simple one. The track to me felt like a duel between two opposing forces (the guitar twang conjured up images of old western gunfights). I have always loved the energy of fencing - so it felt like a perfect companion to a strong dance routine, which I felt it needed to express the elegance of the track. Also, the fact that they wear helmets gave us the ability to create more of a seamless story where the fighters and dancers become one.

Has the move into promo Directing thrown up any unexpected challenges?

I think the main thing for me is the technical aspect of the role. Luckily I have a great DP friend called Jack Wilkinson who doesn’t care if I ask him stupid questions about lens sizes. Cheers Jack.


What’s next?

I’ve gone back to school to do an MA in screenwriting, so I’m balancing my time between working on a script for that and treating on promos. Then in May we’re looking to launch my short film ‘At Dawn’ on the festival circuit.

It’s been a year in the making so I’m excited to get that out into the world and see what the reaction is to it.