Word Is Cheap x VOTD | Kiran Mandla


The title "co-founder" can be flippantly banded around these days with new companies popping up all over the place in this age of austerity. And why not, if you're dream job isn't out there why not do it yourself, which is exactly what Kiran did officially launching COMPULSORY in 2013 with long time friend Chris Toumazou. Creating a bow & arrow partnership with Chris directing and Kiran editing the pair simply wouldn't have got this far without each other. This far being multiple UKMVA nods and year on year invites to SXSW as well as the BBC Music Video Festival and International Music Video Festival Paris, alongside an international roster spanning the UK, US, Canada and Norway. All that by the age of 24...

So what do Kiran's video choices tell us about tastes, that is of course up to you.


Flight Facilities > Foreign Language, directed by Dimitri Basil (2011)

Foreign Language has to be one of my all time favourites. The overall art direction is incredible, from the costumes to the location. It plays out like an opening of a 70's film, introducing weird and quirky characters with heightened characteristics. I also love how the video ends how a film would then begin. Personally, I'd love to watch this film. My favourite shot is @1:51 where the shadow reveals the face of the 'villain', SICK. 

Nekrogoblikon > No One Survives , directed by Brandon Dermer (2012)

It's is a weird one, but one you can't give up 20 seconds in or just give a 6-click watch. This is a typical example of the video being a thousand times better than the song (it's not really my cup of tea). I first saw this at SXSW '14 and I don't think I've ever laughed out loud this much at a music video.

So good.


Toro Y Moi > Say That, directed by HARRYS (2013)

Apart from being a banger, this has to be another of my favourites. This video is quite different to my other selections (well, they're all pretty different), but I love the lo-fi nature of it. The long takes coupled with simple zooms make this for me. From the expressionless singing and the knee bopping to the headlights of the car lighting the night scene, this video has so much yet nothing happens, and that's is why it's great.


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