Word is Cheap x VOTD | Hannah-Clare Gordon


This week's WIC x VOTD Judge's Favourite Video is a bit different as we're happy to announce Hannah-Clare Gordon has made the move to one of our favourite production company's, Agile, working as an animation rep. Hannah has a history in the presenting of the very best in moving image having run The Scout at SourceEcreative and co-curating their International showcase 'Presents' AS WELL AS having been a Senior Researching at Motion Graphics. It is no wonder she is one of VOTD's longest serving judges...

As expected Hannah has exquisite taste mixed with a depth of knowledge. So from Agile's new animation rep, here are a couple of Hannah-Clare Gordon's favourite music videos!


Elliot The Bull > Colourblind, directed By Samuel Lewis at Oh Yeah Wow (2014) 

 I love everything that the team at Oh Yeah Wow create and this mastery in stop frame animation is no exception. The elemental landscape consisted of 400 blocks of wood, sawn out of old shipping palettes, and are used to create a geometric environment of pyramids, trees and building blocks. The handcrafted wooden characters had stunt doubles in case the original two were tuckered out, their LED eyes were lit up by engineered ingenuity of using a watch battery and their limbs are stringed together to allow for wonderful expressive movement. The entire production laboriously lasted six whole months, which is indicative of Oh Yeah Wow’s incredible attention to detail and the artistry they achieve in their work.

The story sees two lead characters Elliott, who is named after the band, the protagonist of the piece is inquisitive and sweet. Exploring the wooden world of suspended pyramids and geometric objects, Elliot has the power to raise trees and mountains from the ground and create a new world with a flick of his three fingers. As he regards his creation with a reserved sense of intrigue a dark pyrimid flits in to introduce the arrival of antagonist Troy (short for Des-troy) and the age old battle between light and dark commences. Troy’s touch is destructive and turns Elliot’s work into darkness before they crumble back in to the ground. As Elliott attempts to continue his creation, Troy’s destruction eventually overcomes him as the darkness succeeds in overpowering the light.

It is rare to see an animated music video, especially one using stop frame, and what is really powerful about these two characters is the fluidity of their movement and the expressiveness that has been achieved by a pair of timber puppets.


Temper Trap > Love Lost, directed By Dougal Wilson (2011)

I couldn’t possibly pick two of my favourite music videos without choosing a classic shot-out-of-the-back-of-a-van Dougal Wilson promo.

The soggy, threadbare boys, are synchronised singers as they run though the wet marshes of Walthamstow during a cold P.E lesson. Add in some pyrotechnics and acrobatic choreography and you have a charming music video filled with depth and passionate performances from an earnest cast.

This won Dougal his first D&AD Music Video Award and seeing him at the President’s Lecture earlier this year, I couldn’t believe when he said that despite wanting to shoot more promos he hadn’t booked any in years - which leads me to ask - can someone please give Dougal Wilson a music video?!


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