5 BIG Burger Moments


Happy National Burger Day. In addition to stuffing our faces with big fat burgers for lunch, we're celebrating by featuring 5 juicy Burger moments on film. Enjoy.


Nicki Minaj ft Beyonce - Feeling Myself

Nicki & Yoncé #‎FeedingThemselves 


"Simpsonize Me"

When BK and Simpsons took over the world!


Burger King | Introducting Proud Wapper

Aww. "We are all the same inside."


The Pink Panther

French man.  #‎Am-bur-gar #‎Dam-bur-ger #‎Tam-bur-ger


Carl's Jr. | The Most American Thickburger

What's more American than a Cheeseburger?


Have a smashing  National Burger Day !