Q & A | FIlmmaker Anton Tammi


Originally from Helsinki, now based in Brooklyn, director Anton Tammi gives us a few interesting answers around his latest video “Hunger” and about his use of post-production when directing. Watchout for this one.

 Congrats with your new video 'Hunger'. What inspired you to create the promo?

Movie trailers, for sure. Before shooting Pekko and I spent hours watching old trailers from 60's to early 90's mainly stuff from B-class action films. For us, the trailers of those films captured some very interesting moods, some more thrilling than the movies itself.

The original idea changed a lot along the way, but the first spark came from Brock Landers. Then Pekko had watched Boogie Nights and was impressed by the "Angels Live In My Town" scene. It's a fictional movie trailer. He hoped that something like that could be turned into a music video. I knew the sequence well and got excited.

Also, this was a very personal project to me as Helsinki is my hometown, i'm born and raised in this city and know the potential of it and some of it's people. We wanted it to play an essential role in 'Hunger'.

Who is Pekko?

Pekko is a Finnish analog techno & DJ'ing producer. Right now I think Pekko is the biggest secret of Finland, a man with a hunger for more. He actually acts as one of the main characters in "Hunger", it’s the blond dude with eye glasses and a gun in his hand.

Animals seem to play quite significant role in both 'Hunger' and especially in your previous promo ‘PICK & ROLL’. Why did you decide to use them for your videos? Do they have any particular meaning?

I find especially abstract looking animals like crustaceans and insects very powerful in that sense. We know they're irrational and uncontrollable by nature. So when you manage to bring meaning and emotions to them it becomes very interesting. Also, i don’t believe that viewers look animals with the same critical eyes as they do with human actors.

There's a practical aspect to this too. No one really knows exactly how for example a forest scorpion looks like. You can make it's stinger bigger without anyone noticing. But go and enlarge Justin Bieber's body parts even 10%, folks get furious..


How would you describe your Directing style?

I'm not sure how to describe my style. It's very post production heavy. I think editing is part of directing, an underrated part. To me post work for film is a mix of creative re-writing and painstaking craftsmanship... sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes it feels like it's killing me.

When we shot 'Hunger' we basically did it in one 24h day – but I think we were all so excited about it that everybody was on fire the whole day. To me, the "atmosphere" you have with the people you work with is the most important thing.

What plays a central role to you when creating a film?

Experimenting. Also, I want my videos to "feel and look like me".

 What are you working on next?

I got lots of ideas for short films. We've just shot one of them which I’m editing right now. it’s starring a Finnish drummer legend, Remu Aaltonen. Also Pekko and I might have something cooking for you later this year..


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