Q & A | Film Director Camilla Mantovani


Camilla Mantovani is a writer and director currently based in London and working worldwide. She's Represented in UK by Wanda and in Spain by BONAPARTE.

When did you start to feel passionate about becoming a director?

I was 13 or 14, it was a summer afternoon, and i was watching music videos on MTV and i thought: "Yes! This is what I want to do"... I’ve always been a storyteller​, but maybe by then i knew that i wanted to tell stories through film. I think sometimes we overthink our future and forget to instead listen to that subconsciousness that is making things happen.

Congrats on winning Video Of The Day with 'She Once Knew'. How did you come up with the idea for it? 

​Thank you!​ Well, ​I had a clear vision that i wanted ​to​ ​portray a guy​s journey through some sort of life crisis. ​In the video he ​​leaves his house in the city to begin a new life in the wide nature​​.​ ​The track itself inspired me a lot, it's​ ​particular structure, rhythm and energy are all visually very inspiring to me. I wanted to make images​ ​and music effortlessly to go together.

You shot it in the Astrakhan region in Russia, how did you find the stunning location?

It was breathtaking, I love the landscape over there, truly fascinating. I found it through Asphalt Piloten, which is the artistic company i have been collaborating for the past couple of years creating audiovisual installations.

We read somewhere that you have lived quite a few places around the world. Do you find that this is something which have inspired your work as a Director?

Originally i come from Milan, I’ve been living in Barcelona and for a while in South East Asia, now i’m based in London. Moving makes my horizon wider and I become much more intuitive. If it was only possible, I would like to live for a while everywhere around the world. It makes me feel extremely lucky and feeds my creativity like nothing else.

What plays a central role to you when choosing a location?

It depends, each case is different. I'm feeling attracted by wide and natural landscapes and​ lately​ ​I’m very ​interested ​i​n the relation between man and nature.​

Having location in mind. What’s your all time favorite music videos?

I love Romain Gavras’ M.I.A. Bad Girls. The combination of music, location and aesthetic it's just perfect!

I also ​very much ​admire ​the intimacy that Martin de Thurah creates portraying the apartment in James Blake's Limit to your love. Simply beautiful.

What are you working on next?

I’m rounding up some edit work for a music video I’ve recently shot and I’m ​working on a short film.

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